Line your glowing face with waterproof Lipstick

Line your glowing face with waterproof Lipstick

We can't think of anything more embarrassing than a woman having lipstick on her teeth and not knowing it. Sometimes you're lucky and the person you're with is a close friend or family member.

By following a few simple methods, you can let yourself feel confident even in your brightest shade of best waterproof lipstick.

  • There are several different methods of making sure your lipstick stays off your teeth. The one that most women use is the finger method. First put your lipstick on regularly. Then put your index finger in your mouth and pull it out as you would a straw.
  • You can also just give a quick suck to the side of your index finger (I prefer this method). Whatever lipstick was on your teeth should now be on your finger.
  • Another option is folding a tissue and blotting your lips on it. This may be a classier option than sticking your finger in your mouth.
  • You can also try doing what models and makeup artists do. It may sound a bit strange, but they apply Vaseline on their teeth before and after putting on lipstick.
  • You can definitely count on this method to work. You won't get lipstick on your teeth, but your teeth may feel strange and will be extremely shiny. You can try smudge proof lipstick if you're going to be the center of attention and will be doing a lot of smiling.

Giving an important presentation buy lipstick online India, winning an Oscar or competing in a beauty pageant would be a great time to put petroleum jelly on your teeth. Make sure to apply just a very thin layer, or your teeth will be shining from across the room.

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