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Makeup Sponge

Makeup Sponge

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Newest design, Made from microfiber to reduce allergies. Our Makeup Sponge will save more powder foundation than any regular sponge, get an enhanced, beautiful and smooth complexion. We know that the traditional makeup sponge will absorb half the foundation when you makeup but this fibre sponge can save you 50-70% makeup product. Use these fibre makeup sponges to daub makeup products, not a pat makeup product.


 - Get lighter or heavier coverage depending on how you apply.
 - It absorbs very little makeup so it saves you money.
 - Makes blending faster and easier than other applicators.
 - Softer than makeup brushes so gentler for sensitive skin.
 - Easy to use and clean.
 - Small size, best to conceal small areas. 
 - Detachable & multi-purpose use.

How to use it?


1. DRY: Dip powder products, such as foundation, loose powder etc., in which case directly stain and then flutter on your face.
2. WET: For the application of milky or creamy products, such as BB cream, lotion, concealer, in which case first immersed into water, or it will absorb a lot of cosmetics, resulting in waste.

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